We love it loud.

Our studio space has been graced over the years by countless musicians, bands, brands, advertisors and filmmakers and as such has been meticulously crafted to meet the needs of all of the above. Whatever it is you hope to achieve in the realm of sound, we’ve got you covered.

Studio A

The larger control room in Studio A was specially designed to provide space for more people and artists to work comfortably and creatively. The centerpiece is a British built AMEK Mozart, with 40 Rupert Neve designed input modules.  The main dedicated DAW is ProTools HD ran as a 32 in/16 out system.  With Logic Pro X and Ableton Live 9 used regularly as well.  In addition to our many professional vst, au and native plug-ins, Control A has access to the full library of instruments from EastWest, for any music production or compositional need.

The live space houses a large drum isolation booth and a smaller booth for vocalists, guitarists or voice artists. The beautiful main room can accommodate full on rock bands, a 32-piece studio orchestra, or large choir.

The meticulously cared for Yamaha C-7 conservatory grand piano is usually regarded as the most recorded model of piano in modern history.  Our Hammond B3 is one from Caribou Ranch.

Studio B

Studio B has a long history of creativity, celebrity, and hilarity. When walking into Studio B, you can feel the ergonomic and comfortable design. The control room is filled with natural elements including a skylight that floods the room with atypical, but very welcomed, sunlight.

Equipped with Pro Tools HD, an extensive microphone closet, 5.1 surround monitoring, video monitors, and racks of preamps from Grace Designs, Focusrite, Avalon, and Universal Audio; Studio B is empowered to tackle all audio post-production scenarios, and full band music recording with 24 channels of input and a Hear Back monitor system.

The spacious live studio features a separate vocal booth and a one-of-a-kind Colorado River rock drum booth for a unique acoustic experience. 

Studio E

Studio E is the most contemporary space in our facility. The sound of both the control room and the live spaces respond perfectly flat and are tightly controlled. Designed for audio post-production, surround sound, mixing and mastering. This room is so quiet it makes your ears say "Ahhh".

Equipped with JBL LSR series stereo monitors with subs, and a second listening system of a Yamaha 5.1/7.1 surround sound monitors with a Martin monitor controller and the ability to mix ambisonic/binaural for 360 videos. 

The DAW in Studio E is ProTools 12 HDX. The hardware interfaces are Focusrite RedNet 2 and 5 on Dante, and a Sync HD for time code. Logic Pro is also available and uses the same hardware.