And the Oscar Goes to...

Those 5 little words will all bless our boob tube's this weekend as the nation waits to see who the Academy decides is the best of the best in entertainment for the year of 2013. 

Per usual there are always ups and downs from the black tie event, and this year I'm sure will be no different. 

Here's a quick peek at some of the most unforgettable speeches of the past 25 years to start the Oscar weekend off right! posted: February 28, 2014
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Tag Chart Tuesday

Shazam Is Predicting Hits!
Before iTunes updates their top singles chart, Shazam is able to turn data of it’s users into hyperspecific charts ahead of traditional methods to predict upcoming hits on the Hot 100.
Here are some options you can listen to (before some other people) on this fine Tag Chart Tuesday!

Aloe Blacc “The Man”
YG “Who Do you Love”
Kongos “Come With Me Now”
Passenger “Let Her Go”
  posted: February 25, 2014
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The Wikidrumer: A Lesson in Drum Ambience

Here's a unique video of a beat recorded in different locations and mashed together to show what real ambience sounds like. 

Which is also seamingly interesting when dabbling in reverb presets.

NERD ALERT: You can find more about reverb basics here.

  posted: February 6, 2014
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What's App?

Do yourself a favor and have some fun with a new app this weekend. JamBandit is a free interactive music application that allows you to play seamless music along with provided tunes. 

We only wish you could access your own music. 

Check out more here: posted: January 17, 2014
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7 Health Benefits of Music

With the New Year beginning and all of you people out there making New Year's resolutions, I think we can help some of you if your goal is.. well, practically anything that you think will make you happier or healthier. 

We musicians, engineers, songwriters and producers actually have a larger responsibility on our shoulders than just creating or helping to create music. It's been proven that music has great health benefits. Here are 7 proven health benefits of music.

Music can:
1. Ease your pain. It's been found that music can meaningfully reduce the perceived intensity of pain in numerous areas of healthcare.

2. Improve your exercise performance. Music can motivate people to work out harder. People listening to music have been shown to run faster, have more endurance, and speed up their post-workout recovery. Plus, they even enjoy the music more.

3. Improve your sleep quality. Listening to soft music (classical music seems to work best) has been shown to help insomnia.

4. Help you eat less. Playing soft music and dimming the lights during a meal can make people slow down while eating and consume less food.

5. Reduce your stress. Music can relieve stress, help induce a meditative state, and help people perform better in high-pressure situations.

6. Elevate your mood. Listening to music can positively impact your mood, especially when driving. After all, who doesn't have their favorite road music?

7. Improve your cognitive performance. A byproduct of reduced stress and elevated mood is that we can also think more clearly.

Music is important on many more levels than sheer enjoyment and can be a factor in the listener's health. Remember that the next time you're in the studio.

Oh yeah and, GO BRONCOS!

Read more:

  posted: January 16, 2014
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Giving the Gift of Music!

For those of you out there thinking, "Oh man! Christmas is coming up and I don't have a gift for ___________!" Or, "I'm sick of buying the 'Best Dad in the World' another gift card." And you want to give someone a chance at the stardom they’ve always wanted. Well it's not too late AND we have an idea FOR you (but you can take credit, we're okay with that)..
How about a gift certificate to Rocky Mountain Recorders to give that lucky person a chance to record in a professional recording studio? Score! Plus, it's hard to believe they'll ever forget a gift like this (unlike that set of golf balls). Win, win!
As a professional recording studio in Denver, we have recorded artists from Rihanna to Big Head Todd. Wouldn't it be cool to tell them they're going to record where they did? Wouldn't it be cool to give them a taste of their own awesomeness?! Yeah, we think so too.
Whether they play in a band, an instrument or they can belt out your ‘jam’ better than the professional, now you can let them know you appreciate their gift with the best gift EVER. 
But hey, you only have a week to show them how much you love em, and we've done half of the work for you, so don't miss out! 
Make it a Holiday you, the giftee, and your wallet won't regret!!!!
Call (303) 777-3648 or email today!
Special includes: Buy 2 Hours of Studio Time Get One FREE! posted: December 17, 2013
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Holiday Favorites- Christmas Editio

On a more serious, fun, family note:
Nat King Cole “The Christmas Song”
A Very She & Him Christmas: Zooey Deschanel, our fav adorkable chick, reminds us of her character Jovie in "Elf" as well!
Michael Buble Christmas. Old fashion voice in a new era Christmas album.
Kelly Clarkson “Wrapped in Red” album. Belt it girl.
And of course “A Charlie Brown Christmas” is an all time classic favorite!
On a funnier, satire note:
SNL’s “Dick in a Box” ft Justin Timberlake
SNL’s “Schweddy Balls” skit with Alec Baldwin posted: December 16, 2013
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The Best of 2013- RMR Edition

At the end of every year there are lists of what's the best from the year in pop culture, restaurants, etc., so this year we thought we could bring you a Best of 2013- RMR Edition that can update you on some of the things we accomplished, worked on and celebrated during the year!

1. A few fun recordings for Burn Notice with Jeffrey Donovan, Diane Reeves and Pam Grier for Grand Theft Auto V. We were also lucky enough to work with several great local agencies on many campaigns from Motive, Pilgrim, Cactus, Strada’s Stapleton Jingle, Sukle, Stamen Pistil, Barnhart, LRXD, Xuma, Karsh, Comcast, ViaSat, Walk the Line Films, Roshambo, Launch, and TV shows from Orion Entertainment.
2. Denver 50 2013 Credits:
- CCT Advertising (Pilgrim)- Wildlife Council of Colorado: Hug A Hunter TV
- Cactus- Colorado Lottery : Lottery MegaMillions

3. Kegs with Legs- Just Play! Had a great turn out and a fun social media campaign.
4. Our new website!
5. Rachel getting married!

Cheers to you and yours during this Holiday season and we hope 2014 brings you much joy!
posted: December 12, 2013
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Friday Music Favorites

As many of you know, Eminem released his most recent album, "The Marshall Mathers LP 2" on November 5, 2013 and the critics are raving- granted he is the best selling artist of the 2000's with over 220 million records sold worldwide and has 13 Grammy's. But there is something about his new album that makes the audience always asking for more. 

A song in particular we think fondly of is the rock ballad "So Far..." not only is it in good ol' Eminem fashion, but he, as explains, "returns to spit rhymes of his hometown and make fun of his immaturity over a beat that samples Joe Walsh's 1978 solo hit, "Life's Been Good" and pulls from the "The Real Slim Shady."

Also, again he and Rihanna join forces to create another top hit "The Monster" preceding their prior hit "Love the Way you Lie." And you can't really go wrong with two A-List artists, especially with her voice and his rapping talent. (Both BTW have recorded here in the studio, leaving us wonder if Em still tracks his songs with tape..)

And if you're a fan of Fun., Nate Reuss sings the hook in "Headlights"

Anwho, check these tracks out. Rap fan or not, his work can be something to appreciate. posted: November 22, 2013
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Friday Favourites

The Neighbourhood’s debut album “I Love You.”
This past week, The Neighbourhood popped up on our album radar and boy were we surprised at how much we liked it.
Considering we never really gave them a try because of “Sweater Weather” being overplayed, we were pleasantly surprised how different the tone of the rest of the album is. They have given a new flavour (had to pun that word thanks to the spelling of their name) to alternative rock with their mellow yet bold approach with instrumentals and lyrics throughout the album.
Pretty addicted to “How” and “Letting Go”
Take a listen and let’s us know your reviews on it! 

Oh ya, had to pun "Favourites" too.... posted: November 15, 2013
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