Ice, Ice Baby

All around the world I've seen musicians playing odd instruments to create music. From Windex Pete playing a washboard in NOLA, to various trash cans on the streets of Denver, but I've never seen anything like this! The range in musical notes and sounds is amazing just by using what was on the frozen lake surface. And of course there's a science to it.

Let's geek out for a minute. 

What makes this work is a material that will deform and vibrate when struck. Physics quantifies how easy it is to deform a material by Young’s Modulus. It turns out ice is a surprisingly good material to use to construct a musical instrument. This works the same way wood would in order to make sound when struck. Since the Young’s Modulus of ice is very similar to that of wood, the range of sounds are made based on the different shape and elasticity properties of ice.

Now who wants to go to Antarctica to try this out?

  posted: October 15, 2015 - Rocky Mountain Recorders - Blog
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