Chris McNaughton
Chris became the owner of Rocky Mountain Recorders in 2016 and is the senior engineer in Studio B. Chris' fascination with recording began when his father, a DDB account exec, brought him to a studio where an orchestra was tracking an original score for IBM. As a 10-year-old, the studio’s design, the engineer’s control, and the enveloping sound were nothing short of awe inspiring. Chris has been involved in recording ever since. He arrived in Boulder after years in the New York advertising and network promo industry. Working at studios like Lower East Side Audio and Penny Lane Studios, Chris' skills were sharpened through front line experience. This young engineer's seasoned career has been filled with work for major clients and big brands.


  Tyler Hayden
Tyler is our latest addition to RMR and will be heading up audio sorcery in Studio A. His first taste of post audio was growing up listening to his father do voice overs for early cable and Pay-per-view. He received his first DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) at fifteen and has been obsessed with recording, producing original music and sound design ever since. For the last five years, he's been creating sound design and music for digital movie campaigns, AR mobile apps, major broadcast advertising campaigns, radio spots, short films, art films, gaming events, dome experiences, conferences and award shows.


  Justin Davis
Justin came to RMR in 2001 with skills ranging from degree-holding audio engineer, to studio technician, to handyman. He began at RMR by finishing our sound effects database, then completed installing Studio E, and then several hundred sessions. Since working at RMR, Justin has worked with Pam Grier, John Fogarty, Snoop Dogg, Jorja Fox, and many more professionals in the commercial, music, film, and television industries. Recently Justin has taken an interest in sound design and audio enhancement for audio forensics. But that doesn't stop him from loving to record music, and creating amazing audio for films.


Newby runs our dubbing and pre-production rooms, and without a doubt, knows every sample in our library. Theoretically, you might find him picking out the perfect music or sfx for your commercial. For great tips on effective music searches, visit our Ask Newby page. Clients also depend on Newby to prepare their finished spots for delivery, no matter the format, no matter the destination.  Newby is an accomplished drummer, and when not at RMR, can be found playing gigs and teaching a new generation of drummers to hit ... with precision.

  Rachel Iwata
Rachel is the Studio Manager at RMR. Since starting at Rocky in 2012, Rachel now wears many hats but helping our clients is first and foremost. She mostly keeps the Rockyverse in check. Whether you need help with talent auditions, scheduling, estimates or coordinating project information she's your go-to. Before setting sights on Rocky, she worked at two advertising agencies in media planning and account services. She is a Colorado native, die-hard snowboarder, and dog-lover.


  Rebecca Miller
Rebecca lived most of her life in Central America and Europe but is happy to call Colorado home for the past few years.  Her training in theatrical production and improvisation has equipped her with patience, the ability to multitask, and a positive, flexible attitude.  Rebecca spends most of her time watching superhero movies with her husband and two sons or making jewelry and illustrating her own greeting cards.  You’ll most likely hear her answering your calls at Rocky Mountain Recorders or singing (quietly) in the hallways between studios. She does take requests.

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