Post Production for Television, Film, Video, Multimedia and Interactive Media
Sweetening for picture is one of our most popular services. We use a diverse collection of audio tools to shape and embellish your production audio, placing your listener in a believable world of sound and picture.

Post Production for Radio
Building radio content puts the audio engineer in the spotlight. Creating a piece of work made up solely of audio is challenging and fun. We strive to place your listener in the environment your script calls for. Recording voice talent, editing music, and sound effect editing are all parts of what make great radio ads.

Voice Over Recording
Directing voice talent to achieve the desired performance is one of our strong suits.  In our studios we utilize ISDN land patch, Source Connect and Source Connect Now as well as ipDTL to connect and record talent from anywhere in the world. 

Surround Sound
7.1, 5.1, down mix in stereo or LtRt. At RMR we will professionally support you in the creation of your surround sound content.

Automated Dialog Replacement
Commonly known as “looping” in the film industry, ADR is a process used to replace lines of dialog from production audio that was unusable. Using an experienced engineer for this process is critical.

Sound Design
This is the practice of creating sounds that are completely new in order to help enhance the character, motion, or plot of any story. Think of it as an interior designer for your audio presentation.

Audio Enhancement Restoration and Noise Reduction
Not everything can be fixed, but we’ll demo what we can do for you on a short clip, and let you decide if you’d like to pay for this service. (Things we can repair: hum, pops, hiss, rumble, air conditioners, road noise, clipping, background noises, some reverbs.)

Custom Music Scoring
We utilize many techniques and instruments to bring musical perfection to your audio post project. Our engineer/composers create fresh musical content on a daily basis, using their award winning expertise to compose your next custom track or to enhance existing musical ideas. From an orchestral suite to a bluegrass ensemble, we can put it together with the composing and arranging skills to make your brands vision sing.

Voice Over Demo Production
Voice over talent need a way to provide examples of their work, particularly if they are new to the industry. We can create a voice over demo by editing together spots you have already recorded. Or if you'd like to break into the business of voice over work, we at RMR can help direct you, bring professional materials to you, and make you sound like you've been doing it for years.


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