When constructing the studio, we kept in mind the importance of using acoustical properties and equipment to make RMR the place musicians and artists find not only great sounding, but comfortable. Our seasoned engineers are creative, helpful and dedicated to making your music sessions enjoyable and productive.

Mixing a professional product is an elusive skill. Our experienced engineers understand creative application of compression, EQ, modulation effects and other facets that are critical to a great sounding mix. Our trained ears,
pro mixing environments, and advanced software and hardware processing gear allow us to bring new levels of sonic excellence to any recording.

RMR utilizes dedicated software and hardware specifically designed for mastering. The mastering process adds the finishing touch to the music and optimizes the levels and sonic balances. Mastering can compensate for certain problems with a mix or can really push your tracks to a new level of intensity.

Analog Vs. Digital
Digital recording has revolutionized the control of music and added the ability to instantly recall exacting parameters of recording and mixing.  As a Pro Tools pioneer, we are masters at it. However, we haven’t abandoned analog technology. We maintain a powerful, 80 input Rupert Neve designed analog recording console, a 24 track 2” tape deck and a ½” mastering deck to add that analog quality to your productions if you desire. Our expertise can bring the best of both worlds to your sound.


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